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The Judging System

Each of the Music Award categories will be judged by a panel of five to seven individuals from across Canada, who are active members of the professional Canadian music industry.

All panels will consist of at least 50% +1 Aboriginal judges. The first tier of judging will determine the three finalist nominees from each category, after which the judges will select one winner from each category, which will be announced at the award ceremony.

Each of the three nominated categories will be judged by the Advisory Committee as a group.

The entire Award selection process will be managed by the Music Award Advisory Committee, Ron Robert and Catherine Cornelius (Coordinators/Producers).


The Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards program is developed and coordinated by Aboriginal people from across Canada. As this event is equally established for all Aboriginal people, we encourage First Nations, Inuit and Metis people to participate.

It is the mission of the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards to:

- Acknowledge and honour the keepers, teachers, promoters, creators and performers of Aboriginal music;

- Continue to develop and promote the diversity of all Aboriginal music;

- Showcase and celebrate the excellence of Aboriginal music; and to

- Recognize the unique vision of Aboriginal musicians and encourage this rich cultural voice.

The Awards Show Administration

Ron Robert
Executive Producer

Executive Producer


The Advisory Committee

Michele Baptiste

Dennis Francis
British Columbia

Amos Key Jr.

David McLeod
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Maurie Mumford

Heather Ostertag

George Tuccarro
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


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