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2002 Workshops info and schedule

Cultural Workshop - Sunday, December 1st

All Workshops will be held on the Concourse Level of the SkyDome.

Why Workshops?
The workshops are another way for the Festival to expand its ongoing efforts to share the rich and diverse Aboriginal culture with others.

The interest in everything "Aboriginal" has increased over the years in keeping with the desire of many people to learn more about traditions and alternate lifestyles.

The Canadian Aboriginal Festival, the largest Aboriginal multi-disciplined Arts event in North America, brings together many of the "best" in the various performing arts during the festival.

With more than 3 500 participants representing more than 100 Nations it is an opportunity for everyone to not only see the "best" but to also learn from them.

The Workshops will be of special interest to those involved in the arts.

11:00am - Pow Wow Traditional Dance
This workshop will include a number of Pow Wow dancers to both demonstrate and explain the various dances. There are six major Pow Wow categories each one distinctive from the other.

1:00pm - Drumming/singing
There has always been a curiosity about Aboriginal drums/singing. As in dance, there are distinct styles. Pow Wow traditional, Pow Wow contemporary, Southern and Northern, water drums, and hand drums are the major categories which will be demonstrated and explained during the workshop.

2:00pm - Hoop Dance
The Hoop Dance, one of the most interesting and intricate of the traditional dances is not usually considered a Pow Wow dance. The history, the basics of the dance and the music will be a part of this workshop.

3:00pm - Regalia
Each of the categories of the Pow Wow dances includes distinct regalia, each with their own symbols and styles. Workshop attendees will learn about these variations and symbols in the regalia.

People interested in registering at this year's Cultural Workshop, Dec. 1st can download the printable entry form.

Cultural Industry Workshop

Workshop Series:
All workshops will be held on the Concourse Level of SkyDome.

1:00pm - Producing and Women in the Music Industry
This workshop will be led by Heather Ostertag of FACTOR. It will focus on the quality of records and explore ways to assist Aboriginal women in their efforts to record their music. *FACTOR assists both genders.

2:00pm - Songwriting/ Writers/What s a Good Song
The Song Writers Association of Canada will conduct this workshop for song writers and anyone interested in this field.

3:00pm - Scoring for Films
Donald Quann, music director for the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, has an extensive background with music for films. Donald will review the various technical aspects of producing music for films.

4:00pm - The Realities of Special Events
Special events require a multitude of talents from organizing to fund raising to the actual production. Fred Bunting a professional in the field of many years will lead the workshop.

People interested in registering at this year's Cultural Industry Workshop, Dec. 1st can download the printable entry form.

All workshops are designed to accommodate forty participants. A minimum of thirty participants per workshop is required to make them go.

The workshop series is a new venture for the Canadian Aboriginal Festival.


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