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Archive: 2006 Visual Arts Overview & Info

Association for Native Development in the Performing and Visual Arts in Partnership with Indian Art-I-Crafts Presents our Tenth Annual Fine Arts Exhibit:

“In The Circle of Giving Back”
November 24th, 25th, & 26th

**Click here to download the Press Release PDF

Juried Artists Include:

Jason Baerg
Moses Beaver
Bonny Cannb
Don Chase
Keesic Douglas
Hilton Henhawke
Michelle Lavallee
Duane Linklater
Brian Michon
Gordon Miller
Murray Nielsen
Jude Norris
Josh Peltier
Robert Solomon
Laura Lee Therrien
Chantelle Tokarz

To be held at Rogers Centre for the Canadian Aboriginal Festival Pow-Wow

A Silent Auction Fund Raiser with Works by:

Keesic Douglas
Lauralee K. Harris
Nancy Howell
Wayne Mckenzie
Jason Baerg

And a Memorial For Randy Charboneau 1964 – 2006

In the spirit of the circle, ANDPVA has reseeded itself back within its community driven archetype. We celebrate this beginning with our…Theme: “In The Circle of Giving Back”, we look at how the cycle and circle of life regenerates, as a fall season feeds into spring, going through a winter, and every year the rings inside a tree enlarge feeding from its leaves of a past season, to how a community invests into itself. Giving back becomes the connection to the enlargement of the circle and so showing strength through giving negates the weakness of not. Growth through connection becomes an absolute with the power of giving back and the circle continues to grow bigger.

This exhibit of Contemporary and Traditional cross-disciplined Visual Art and Fine Craft Pieces showcase the vitality and range of scope of First Nations, Metis and Inuit artists.

360 Bloor Street West, Suite 402
Toronto, ON, M5S 1X1
Phone: (416) 972-0871
fax: (416) 972-0892
Contact: Sara D’Hondt

ANDPVA Gratefully acknowledges the support of:

Toronto Arts Council
Department of Canadian Heritage
Ontario Arts Council
Miziwe Biik
Indian Art-I-Crafts
Government of Canada
National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation
Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres
O.I. Leasing Group
SPIRIT Magazine

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