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Archive: 2006 CAMA Finalists
2006 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards Finalists
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Best Female Artist

Artist Album
Donna Kay "The Journey"
Tamara Podemski "Tamara"
Andrea Menard "Simple Steps"

Best Female Traditional Cultural Roots Album

Album Artist
"Fusion of Two Worlds" M'Girl
"Nipiga (My Voice)" Angela Hovak Johnston
"The Journey" Donna Kay

Best male Artist

Artist Album
Randy Wood "Our Love Will Never Die"
Jared Sowan "Eclectically Yours"
Stephen Kakfwi "In the Walls of His Mind"

Best Songwriter

Artist(s) Songs Album
Donna Kay "Round Round Round"
" I am"
"The Journey"
Susan Aglukark, Chad Irschick & Jack Grunsky "Citizens of the World"
"Circle of the Old"
"Blood Red Earth"
Tamara Podemski & Karen Kosowski "So Damn Beautiful"
"She Knows Better"

Best Rock Album

Album Artist
"NO LIMITS" Highway 373
"Life is..." Eagle & Hawk
"Images" Myrage

Best Song Single

Song Artist Album
"Meegwtch" Tamara Podemski "Tamara"
"100 Years" Andrea Menard "Simple Steps"
"Citizens of the World" Susan Aglukark "Blood Red Earth"

Best Producer/ Engineer

Producer/ Engineer Album
Wayne Restoule "Refugees of Romance" by Weaselhead
Peter Bacsalmasi "The Journey" by Donna Kay
Chris Burke-Gaffney &
Vince Fontaine
"Life is..." by Eagle and Hawk

Best Group or Duo

Artist Album
Weaselhead "Refugees of Romance"
Eagle & Hawk "Life is..."
Intellifunk "I Never Promised You Tomorrow (LIVE)"

Best Folk Album

Album Artist
"Songs from the Stones: Payuk" Percy Trapper
"Miyoskamin" Art Napoleon
"Simple Steps" Andrea Menard

Best Album Design

Album Artist
"In the Walls of his Mind"
by Stephen Kakfwi
Tania Oosting: Designer
Tesa MacIntosh: Artist/ Photographer
"Sacred Healing"
by David R. Maracle
David R. Maracle
"Project One Generation
Compliation CD"
James Kinistino

Best Fiddle Album

Album Artist
"Nanny's Dream" Harv Settee Jr.
"Northern Fiddle" Corny Michel
"Skiffle Fiddle" Cliff Maytwayashing

Best Blues Album

Album Artist
"I Never Promised You Tomorrow (LIVE)" Intellifunk
"Eclectically Yours" Jared Sowan
"Old Friend "Gerry McIvor

Best Pow Wow Album Contemporary

Album Artist
"Dances" Warscout
"Nikamo-Sing!" Northern Cree Singers
"Walking Buffalo: Drum Speaker " Walking Buffalo

Best Music Video

Video Producer
by Tamara Podemski & Ron Allen
Avi Federgreen, Tamara and Jennifer Podemski, Big Soul Productions & BravoFACT!
"Man that Sits Alone"
by Ray Villburn/ Red Blaze
Kelly Parker & A Turtle Island Music Prodn.
"I Will Return"
by Susan Agulkark
Margaret Malandruccolo & Blink Pictures Inc.

Best Rap or Hip Hop Album

Album Artist
"The Preview" Rezofficial - Lakes Aqui (Lakes Boss)
"Success is the Best
Wabs Whitebird
"Now or Never" REDDNATION

Best Country Album

Album Artist
"Cree Road" Edward Gamblin
"Give Me a Sign" W.T. Goodspirit
"Bad Boys & Angels" Mike Gouchie

Best Pow Wow Album Traditional

Album Artist
"Straight from the Beginning" Grey Buffalo
"Rock Hill" Rock Hill
"Enter the Circle" Red Bull

Best Hand Drum

Album Artist
"Doing What We Love" Big River Cree
"Round Dance Rhythm " Young Scouts
"Slide and Sway" Northern Cree Singers & Friends

Best Album of the Year

Album Artist
"Life is..." Eagle & Hawk
"Blood Red Earth" Susan Aglukark
"Simple Steps" Andrea Menard

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