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2004 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards Winners

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Best Female Artist
Susan Aglukark (Toronto, ON)
Best Male Artist
Mike Gouchie (Edmonton, AB)
Best Group or Duo
The WolfPack (Six Nations, ON)
Best Songwriter
artist: Eagle & Hawk song:   Sundancer CD: Mother Earth
Best Song Single
song: Sundancer artist: Eagle & Hawk CD:  Mother Earth
Best Aboriginal Music Radio Program
The Aboriginal Music Experience producer: Elaine Bomberry (Six Nations, ON)
Best Instrumental Album
artist: Spirit of the Nations CD: Spirit of the Nations
Best Folk Album
artist: Taima CD: Taima
Best Rock Album
artist: Eagle & Hawk CD: Mother Earth
Best Fiddle Album
artist: Clint Dutiaume CD: Fiddle Extravaganza
Best Blues Album
artist: Pappy Johns Band with Murray Porter CD: Full Circle
Best Pow Wow Album: Contemporary
artist: Northern Cree CD: Rezonate
Best Rap or Hip Hop Album
artist: Team Rezofficial CD: The Foundation
Best Country Album
artist: Mike Gouchie CD: One of a Kind
Best Pow Wow Album: Traditional
artist: Northern Wind CD: Whispering Winds
Best Hand Drum Album
artist: Northern Cree & Friends CD: Honoring Singers & Songmakers
Best Album of the Year
artist: Wayne Lavallee CD: Green Dress
Best Album Design
designer: Paul Martin CD: Taima artist: Taima
Best Producer/ Engineer
Danny Schur CD: Healing Jane artist: Jane Chartrand & Kimberly Dawn
Music Industry Award    
Ness Michaels    
Keepers of Tradition    
Jane Chartrand    
Lifetime Contributions    
Errol Ranville    
Galaxie Rising Stars Award    

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