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Boozhoo & Welcome to the 2007 Canadian Aboriginal Festival!

Turtle Concepts has coordinated the Fashion Pavillion for 11 years and has brought a healthy lifestyle image to the runway. We have introduced the “Confidence Industry” versus “Fashion Industry” standards in numerous communities across the globe and unlike fashion shows that have model industry standards; our “models” are actually graduates of our confidence and skills building workshops. “Confidence Meets Fashion” represents all shapes in all shades featuring top Aboriginal Designers. To date, over 700 Aboriginal Peoples have modeled at the Festival.

Dave Jones
CANAB Fashion Director
Turtle Concepts

Downloadable Poster

Click here to download the 2007 Confidence Meets Fashion poster

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For more information contact Ms. Mekwan Tulpin at (705) 945-6455 or

If you are interested in showcasing your designs during the Festival, the Designer Package includes essential information for you. Here are the basics:

Designer Application Package downloadable from
$100.00 Application
Fee Registration Deadline: November 23rd, 2007


For more information contact Ms. Mekwan Tulpin at (705) 945-6455 or

As this is not a fashion industry based program, there is no open invitation to model.

Our workshops provide self-esteem building activities that recognize healthy shapes as we do not wish to promote another social issue to our Aboriginal youth. Although, some may find this controversial with regards to the real shapes and real shades of our people that are featured each year, we are extremely proud of the individuals who dare to strut their confidence publicly and have realized from attending workshops that “Confidence Is Okay!” and that the CANAB Festival has committed annually for 11 years to this format for their Fashion Pavillion.

So if you have attended at Turtle Concepts workshop and understand confidence, please feel free to apply. The Model Application Package found at will give you information on what will be required of you, to make your way to the festival.

“The Canadian Aboriginal Festival is pleased to have Turtle Concepts organize the Fashion Pavillion for the 11th year. As a family festival, we acknowledge and fully support their idea of confidence in all shapes and shades as a healthy alternative to the fashion industry!”

- Catherine Cornelius, Festival Coordinator

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