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Education Pavilion

Aboriginal Post Secondary Information Program

What is the Aboriginal Post Secondary Program (APSIP)? This program comprises of an informal group of Aboriginal Liaison, Recruitment, Counsellor, and Outreach personnel from various colleges, universities, and education/training organizations or institutions throughout the Province of Ontario and beyond. The main focus of this group, affectionately known as the "Roadwarriors", is to provide the most up-to-date information regarding post secondary education/training opportunities to high school students, mature students, teachers, guidance counselors, community members and organizations alike. This goal is accomplished through community visits, post secondary information days at high schools and participation at various 'events' throughout the year, often involving travel into some remote areas of the Province.

This particular initiative is similar in nature and structure to the University Information Program (UIP) and the College Information Program (CIP); two very successful initiatives carried out each fall by various colleges and universities exclusively to Ontario High Schools. APSIP is a program that reaches beyond the high schools and into the communities; thereby providing information on opportunities that exist and encouraging our students to take the necessary steps to succeed.

APSIP is pleased to be a part of the Canadian Aboriginal Festival again this year with our "Education Pavilion". We look forward to meeting everyone and 'spreading the word' about all of the excellent opportunities that exist in education today.

Participating Colleges/ Universities:

University of Toronto / First Nations House

First Nations Technical Institute

Canadore College

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology

Sault College of Applied Arts & Technology
Native Education & Training

Ryerson University Aboriginal Student Services

White Mountain Academy of the Arts

Niagara College First Nations Student Services

Laurentian University Native Student Services

Queen's University Aboriginal Teacher Education Program

The Centre for Indigenous Theatre


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